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The email support[(at)] has been provided as an easy way to contact us. Feel free to use it to request a new game, request the removal of a game, make a suggestion, etc.

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"SynGames", "Synfron Media", and "us" refer to the creators of this website. "Forum" refers to the Shoutbox or website polls.

SynGames has a collaboration of links and games throughout the website including third party advertisements. Neither SynGames nor Synfron Media are responsible for the content located within these websites or games. The use of the information you provide to websites linked to by SynGames or the information you provide in a game is not the responsibility of SynGames and we cannot be held at accountable for improper use. We are also not responsible for any messages left in the forums of this website. If you have found dangerous or inappropriate content within any linked site or game, feel free to contact us with information about the location of the. We are committed to keeping our users safe while they use our website.

SynGames reserves the right to restrict usage of this website by any user without an explanation or notice. Inappropriate use of the forums including posting of any derogatory or profane language, whether directly or indirectly will result in a restriction of website usage.

SynGames does not claim to be the creator or owner of any game located on this website. All games on this website have been deemed freely distributed and made available to SynGames or licensed. If you wish use any games on your own website, SynGames recommends that you forward your request to respective owners. Owners of any game may retain the right to request the removal of a game from SynGames by contacting us using the contact information provided on this page and we will work on your request as soon as possible.

The web design content located on SynGames, including the SynGames banner, HTML codes, and page layout, are property of SynGames's creators and Synfron Media and is protected by law. This content is not allowed to be redistributed or used without our express written consent. SynGames reserves the right to remove any content or service that has been provided by SynGames on this website without notice. Information provided by the owners of SynGames is subject to change including contact information, Term & Conditions, and the Privacy Policy. We encourage you to keep updated.

Privacy Policy

SynGames does not sell, redistribute, or otherwise give out information provided to us directly by our users unless given explicit permission. Personal information we receive as a result of contacting us using our contact information will also be kept confidential unless otherwise specified by you. However, SynGames cannot control the way information is used that you have provided in our forums which can be viewed by any SynGames user. When accessing SynGames, we do not receive your email address or any other sensitive information. However, SynGames does receive, log, and use user IP addresses and web browser software statistics. Some third party websites are also allowed access to this information in order to provide website usage statistics. Before you provide information to any website, we encourage you to view that website's privacy policy.